Free Computer Recycling & Hard Drive Shredding

Here at GreenByte IT Disposal we have invested heavily in a secure facility, our shredding equipment meets the highest standards, to ensure there are no data breaches from your old IT and computer recycling handled by us. We DO NOT re-sell items which can cause a data breach, ALL data storage devices are shredded at our secure facility.

To ensure all hard drive data is destroyed and irretrievable, we carry out hard drive shredding at our very own secure facility.

How are the hard drives shredded?

Here at GreenByte IT Disposal we use state of the art hard drive shredding equipment to ensure absolutely no data is retrievable once all the data storage devices have been processed and shredded.

Our shredding facility is to the highest Cyber Security Centre Standards.

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Does all the hard drive data get destroyed?

Our equipment literally shreds your hard drives into tiny pieces, making the reconstruction of them impossible, making sure your data is destroyed on all IT equipment collected by us for disposal.

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Is the data and equipment secure from point of collection?

We don’t use couriers and third parties to collect your IT Equipment, our very own expert team will come to your place of work at a date that suits you, package and transport your old IT Equipment safely and securely to our processing facility. Ensuring there can be NO data breach in transit.

Green Byte secure transport

How can I prove I’ve had my hard drives shredded?

Once we have collected your IT equipment and shredded all your data storage devices, your company will receive a data destruction certificate (DDC). This gives a full inventory of each data holding device which has been shredded and can be cross referenced with the original collection notes, this ensures and proves full compliance with GDPR and you can be rest assured there can be no data breach from your old IT Equipment.

Why can’t I just erase the hard drives and dispose of them in the waste?

You may think that erasing a hard drive destroys all data and information on the drive, this is not the case. A simple erase of a drive can be reversed by an IT expert or even by purchasing data recovery software which can retrieve the erased content.

The most secure way to ensure the data on your hard drives is not recoverable is to have your devices shredded, this makes them unbootable, unreadable and unusable by anyone that could potentially retrieve information and thus cause a data breach.

hard drive data recovery

Do you sell on IT equipment?

All non-data holding hardware is processed and recycled with a zero landfill policy here at Green Byte IT Disposal.

We guarantee that NO data holding devices are re-sold, we ONLY re-sell items which cannot cause a data breach.

For more information on why you should have your hard drives shredded by a registered company and how it relates to GDPR check out the guide to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


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