Computer Recycling GDPR FAQ's

Find answers below to our GDPR FAQ's. If you have any further questions, please do get in touch by giving us a call or through our contact form.

What does GDPR compliant mean?

All companies within the European Union (EU) need to comply with strict customer data rules. For your IT equipment this means that any stored data which may contain details on employees or customers must be disposed of in a correct manner so that no data/details could be recovered and used.

What does GDPR compliance involve?

With IT equipment, using an ISO 27001:2013 company ensures your data holding sources will be shredded and destroyed so no data can be retrieved and used. This ensures there are no data breaches from any old IT equipment.

How do you destroy the data devices?

All IT equipment which may contain any data are processed and shredded at a secure facility to ensure there can be no data breach.

How can I prove I have complied with GDPR?

You will receive a certificate of destruction to prove your IT equipment was destroyed to the highest GDPR compliant standards, giving you the reassurance that no data breaches can come from your old IT equipment.

How much does it cost to have my IT equipment destroyed?

Having your IT equipment destroyed can cost a few pounds per item at some companies, free at other companies and as in the case with Green byte Disposal, we often pay you for your IT equipment. We can do this by refurbishing and selling on NON-DATA holding hardware, keeping you and your business secure and compliant, whilst earning some cash for your old equipment.

How long does it take to have my IT equipment destroyed?

From the initial request to us for the collection of your old IT equipment to the shredding of your data drives usually takes between 3 to 7 working days (depending on how busy we are).

What could happen if I don’t have my IT equipment destroyed correctly?

If you leave data on IT devices which can be analysed and used by a third party illegally (a data breach) your company could be fined up to €10 million for the first breach or 2% of the company’s annual turnover. This penalty increases in size for each data breach, doubling to €20 million for the second breach, or 4% of annual turnover and so on.

Why should I use an ISO27001:2013 registered company?

There are strict rules and guidelines which must be adhered to, to become an ISO 27001:2013 registered company. This gives your company the assurance that an ISO 27001:2013 business has been certified at implementing, maintaining and continually improving their security management system. The data is handled to the highest possible standards


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