GDPR Compliant Data Destruction

At Greenbyte IT Disposal we’ve always followed GDPR requirements to ensure the best possible service for our customers.

The new regulations came into force in May 2018 and can carry fines of up-to £20 million for sensitive data breaches.

So how can i ensure i’m GDPR Compliant?

Simple. Let Greenbyte handle all your IT Recycling needs. We comply with all GDPR regulations and take data security very seriously. All IT equipment recycled with Greenbyte has any data baring media removed and securely erased with industry standard CESG Approved software Data is then destroyed further using our own industrial grade Degaussing machine, achieving 100% data destruction.

Under the GDPR Regulations, You, (Data Controllers) must have written agreements with Data Processors (Greenbyte) to ensure disposal and erasure of data is as secure as possible. Each of our clients receive a tailored contract and SLA setting specific standards and practices the client would expect to receive from Greenbyte.

Full Audit Trail

Under GDPR you must be able to provide clear detailed records of data processing and be able to provide proof of data destruction. With Greenbyte we offer a full audit trail from Collection to destruction and provide detailed data destruction certificates for your peace of mind.

Secure Data Destruction

Greenbyte IT Disposal LTD use industry standard, CESG approved software and equipment to ensure total data destruction with all IT assets we recycle. Any data baring media is removed and data securely destroyed using multiple methods for maximum destruction. Firstly date is erased using CESG approved software then passed through our inhouse magnetic degaussing machine for added security.

Greenbyte are happy to provide our customers with the destroyed Hard Drives after treatment as proof of data destruction for your peace of mind.

Full GDPR Compliance

At Greenbyte we are here to help you ensure full GDPR compliance with your end-of-life data processes. We apply unique scan-able QR codes to each asset we recycle from our clients, and are scanned at every step of the way, from collection to data destruction. We will provide detailed reports of each asset we recycle including destruction date, serial numbers and destruction method along side our data destruction certificates.

Need to recycle redundant IT Equipment?