If it’s IT related – We accept it!

Regardless of your location, quantity of equipment or individual requirements, here at GreenByte IT Disposal Ltd we can guarantee secure collection. Logistics management is a vital aspect of IT disposal and something that we take very seriously, protecting our clients and all of their data at all times.


Greenbyte IT Disposal offers a service to collect your equipment whenever it suits you, we aim to fit in within your schedule and ensure minimum disruption to the work force.

What We Collect

At GreenByte IT Disposal Ltd we are able to collect a whole range of IT equipment, including but not limited to the following:


·         Computer Towers/Desktop Computers ·         Flat-screen TFT/LCD Monitors
·         Laptops/Netbooks ·         CRT Monitors
·         Servers (Rack/Desktop) ·         Printers (Laser/Inkjet/Plotters)
·         Scanners/Photocopiers ·         Telecommunication Systems

Not only can we collect all of these items plus more from you but in many cases we can even PAY YOU for your old equipment as well as physically destroying all of your data and hard drives, ensuring that your personal data and details are protected at all times. Once we have collected IT equipment from our clients they can relax knowing that all of their details will be destroyed.


Collection Options

GreenByte IT Disposal Ltd can send a professional and experienced collection team to your premises to pack-up and collect your IT equipment.  It doesn’t even matter if you have multiple items that you want collecting spread across a number of rooms and floors – GreenByte IT Disposal Ltd holds all of the best equipment to assist with packing and will be able to take care of your needs quicker than you think. This is a great solution for those looking to dispose of masses of IT equipment.

If your premises has a loading dock you may want to consider dock-to-dock collection. When choosing this collection solution you are required stack your equipment on standard 4×4 pallets and securely shrink wrap it ready for collection. When choosing this collection service GreenByte IT Disposal Ltd will provide you with detailed packing instructions to ensure that your equipment is safe and secure.

Our small package collection services are designed for those looking to dispose of items up 25kg. When choosing this collection option you are required to pack and ship your IT equipment to our head office via a small package carrier of your choice.

For large scale demolition projects that require multiple members of our collection team over a number of days we offer bespoke collection services. No job is ever too big for GreenByte IT Disposal Ltd. Working to meet all of our clients individual requirements within specific time frames provided we are able to cater our collection solutions to ensure all jobs are completed as accurately as possible.

Get In Touch

 Here at GreenByte IT Disposal Ltd our collection and disposal services are not limited to regular business hours, we also work out of regular business hours and at weekends.  Able to handle all quantities of equipment, from anywhere in the UK and mainland Europe, if you require our assistance do not hesitate to get in touch today. Our team are waiting to help you.